road to avonlea 'you can rest easy knowing you have a place to come home to... our avonlea -hetty king'

Based on further novels by author LM Montgomery, this sumptuous spin-off series (from Anne of Green Gables) revolves around the adventures of Sara Stanley who is uprooted from her comfortable and elegant turn-of-the-century, urban surroundings and sent to live with relatives in the remote farming community of Avonlea, Prince Edward Island. The highest rated Canadian TV series of all time, Variety calls it “… solid, engrossing family fare with classy acting, splendid photography and a fine period look.
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Ice Fishing … Without the Ice

One of my favourite Road to Avonlea scenes is when Alec decides to take a polar bear swim while ice fishing… but if definitely wasn't as cold as it looked.
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Rose Cottage

Did the Avonlea Sets have Interiors?

Many people have asked if the Avonlea sets had interiors, so read on to find out the answer.
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Silence is Golden: Keeping the Avonlea Set Quiet

Silence is definitely golden on a film set but keeping the Avonlea set quiet was definitely a challenge.
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The Visual Effects of Road to Avonlea

One of the biggest challenges of completing the HD restoration of Road to Avonlea was recreating all of the visual effects shots.
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