road to avonlea 'you can rest easy knowing you have a place to come home to... our avonlea -hetty king'

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Gus Playing Fiddle

Music in Road to Avonlea

From Gus’ fiddle playing to Alec’s beautiful singing voice, here are two reasons why music is a crucial part of daily life in Avonlea.
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Marilla and Rachel Lynde: 3 Lessons on Friendship

As many people have experienced, friendships have ups and downs. Marilla and Rachel teach us three very important lessons about friendship.
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Sarah Polley

Sarah Polley and Looking for Alaska

Sarah Polley is set to adapt Looking for Alaska. John Green fans have no reason to worry however, Looking for Alaska is in very good hands.
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RTA3 Church web

The Importance of Community in Road to Avonlea

Though it's losing its importance in modern times, the people of Avonlea care a great deal about their community.
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